the notebook quotes

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the notebook quotes


The best love
is the kind that awakens the soul
and makes us
reach for more,
that plants a fire
in our hearts
and brings peace
to our minds.
And that's what you've
given me.
That's what I'd hoped
to give to you forever.

Based on the best selling novel by Nicholas Sparks ("A Walk To Remember", "Message In A Bottle"), "The Notebook" is the story of Noah and Allie, teenage lovers torn apart by WWII and Allie's parents' demands to marry a respectable lawyer. After 14 years apart, they meet again and rekindle their true love. Starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, and Gena Rowlands. The soundtrack is a propelling force. In addition to classic WWII era pieces, Aaron Zigman's score suites enhance the record with beautifully dramatic themes. Score performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony. 

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